Small Stack Vessels Pair
The Stack Vessel series started in 2020. It is reminiscent of a stack of balanced river stones, and captures the artist’s vision of ideal ratio and formal harmony. It is inspired by traditional craft method of wheel-throwing, and the use of centripetal force to create form. All vessels are individually trimmed on the wheel to exact proportion, then stacked on a metal and wooden base. These round forms are extremely technically challenging to create. Round forms with no flat base are rare to find in ceramics because of gravitational sagging in the kiln. It took years of expermientation to find methods that work, and this sculpture series shows the artist’s ambition and dedication to technical innovation in ceramic craft. The vessels use local Korean high-fired stoneware ceramic and traditional celadon glaze. The natural color palette is timeless. The glaze turns from a straight line to a curve at different angles, highlighting the gently curving silhouette and unique form of each of the eleven vessels.
61 x 23 x 23 cm, 50 x 23 x 23 cm
Ceramic stoneware, Celadon glaze, White Oak wood