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Spring 2019: Pebble Mirror

As a biophilic furniture designer, I combine my background in biology and dance to create abstract forms that rekindle our human-nature connection.

Because the positive effects of biophilic design are reaped by looking at them, I decided that a mirror would be a perfect object to make to reap the benefits of biophilic design.

Pebble mirror is inspired by the roundness and perfectness of a pebble, shaped for decades by the ocean waves.

My pursuit has been in creating organic forms that are asymmetrical, minimal, and timeless. The desire to ‘capture the essence of nature’ in my work stems from East Asian art, where traditional Shan Shui ink painters will strive to capture the essence of mountains and the feeling of streams, instead of a literal representation of a specific geographic scene. My affinity for free-form bent lamination to create forms intuitively reflect Korean values in the performance arts. Traditional Korean dance values impromptu dancing that is different every time and expresses the mood of the performer.

Soo Joo-VIA-190527-9385-FR (1).jpg
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