Winter 2014 : Sahara-Pacific Table

Sahara-Pacific Table is Soo Joo's first table, as well as one of her earliest interactions with lumber. Soo Joo challenged the notion that tops of tables and desks have to be flat, and used her background in ceramic sculpture to undulate the surface. The piece expresses a fascination with wood grain. The most unique, prominent and charming characteristic of wood. 

Through making this table, Soo Joo realized the power and sensuality that wood possesses. Since making the Sahara-Pacific Table, Soo Joo was able to solidify her artistic vision to use wood as one of her main mediums.


table 12 BEST 2.28.jpg
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table 2.27 edited again and background white and sized (1).jpg
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Table Drawing edited 1.1  사본.jpg
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